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Dr Splash (Vegetable & Fruits Wash)


Neem based Vegetable & Fruits wash for 5 in 1 Solution-

  1. Removes Residual effects of Pesticides.
  2. Clean Dust & Dirts.
  3. Remove any unwanted Chemicals.
  4. Removes various germs.
  5. Removes Waxes and preservatives used in fruits & Vegetables.

Use daily to wash vegetables and fruits before consuming them and avoid unwanted diseases caused by surface contaminants.

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Method of Use:

  1. Mix 15ML. (3 Teaspoonful) of Vegetables & Fruits Wash in 500 ml of Plain water or 3% ratio of Vegetable & Fruits wash in water.
  2. Soak the Vegetables or fruits in the prepared solution for one minute. Then rub the individual piece thoroughly with hand-dipped within the solution.
  3. Transfer the soaked vegetables /fruit into a strainer & wash thoroughly under running tap/clean water.
  4. Vegetables/fruits are now squeaky clean and ready to be consumed.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
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500 ml.

Manufactured by

ZOIC Pharmaceuticals (An ISO 9001:2005 & WHO GMP Certified)
Plot No.194, Indl Area, Sector-82, Mohali (Pb)
Mfg.Lic No.: 275 AY. Pb.

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Gagro Biotech Limited, Saukuchi, Guwahati


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