Gagro Biotech Limited


Packaging, Processing & Marketing Company

About Us

The promoter of the company is involved with Agriculture activity since 2010, and have worked in numerous projects. On 19th Aug 2019, M/s Gagro Biotech Limited has been incorporated as a public limited company by the promoter after considering various management issue of an FPO’s, and encourage active participation of public for promoting agriculture activity.

Perhaps M/s Gagro Biotech Limited is the first public limited company in the state of Assam to be promoted by private individuals in the Agriculture sector.

Our Contribution

As our social responsibility towards the society, we are happy to inform that during this lockdown we donated fresh vegetable supply to some needy person in our city.

Our contribution



Our Store

We are selling Fresh Agricultural products from our retail outlet store located at Lokhra Saukuchi Road under the Brand Name ” Sindhuja -Nutrients Nurtured by Nature” trademark owned by the promoter.

“Agriculture seems to be the first pursuit of civilized man. It enables him to escape from the life of the savage, and wandering shepherd, into that of social man, gathered into fixed communities and surrounding himself with the comforts and blessings of neighborhood, country, and home. It is agriculture alone, that fixes men in stationary dwellings, in villages, in towns, and cities, and enables the work of civilizations, in all its branches, to go on.”


“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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